Mission & Vision

Technology is part of our culture. We bear responsibility. Responsibility is reflected in our actions, now and for the future. This responsibility obligates us to society, customers, employees, and suppliers. The concept of quality is an essential part of our management approach and covers all business areas and functional areas.

Our goal is to provide products and services of outstanding quality and of the highest benefit to our customers.

There are only solutions!

We aim for satisfied customers with lasting trust in our range of services, from consultation and problem-solving to delivery, installation, and service.
Our customers’ judgment is the decisive quality benchmark for us. Get in touch with us!


Together, we will find a suitable solution for your ideas and every challenge.


Meeting the requirements for the product or service, as defined by the customer’s task and the applicable laws and standards.


We support you with our extensive experience. Our team will help you set up the most efficient process for your production concept and determine the most effective application for your components and requirements from a wide range of options.

Experts in

Foam and Styrofoam Processing

ZEIM is a modern, success-oriented company with a tradition in the foam industry, delivering high-quality products worldwide.

We manufacture Millfoam milling tools for rigid foam, soft foam, and Styrofoam, band knife machines, oscillating saws, HM milling tools, milling machines and extraction, rasps, rasps for medical applications, hollow cutters, deburring tools, machines for assembly, hot wire and hot wire cutters, hand milling machines, and custom-made products according to customer specifications.


Robust, precise, and exceptionally powerful.

Quality is at the forefront of Zeim Technology.

We provide our customers with high-quality products and offer sophisticated services with individual solutions.